About the Committee

Philippa Clark is a member of the National Assembly of Women

Professor Mary Davis is a labour historian and author of “Sylvia Pankhurst: A life in radical politics”

Megan Dobney is Regional Secretary of the Southern & Eastern Region TUC

Barbara Switzer is a member of the National Assembly of Women

Ian Walters is the sculptor who created the statue of Sylvia. Ian died in 2006 but his work will live on in Sylvia and elsewhere

In April 2000 Ian received the Millennium Prize (for portraiture) for his portrait of Lord Soper. The prize was sponsored by Tussaud's Studios. The judging panel was Judy Craig (Head of Portrait Studio at the Tussauds Studios), Anthony Stone (President of the Society of Portrait Sculptors), and James Holloway (the Keeper of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery).

His statue of Harold Wilson was unveiled by Tony Blair in Huddersfield in July 1999.

Other works include: Nelson Mandela (Royal Festival Hall, London), Trevor Huddleston (unveiled by Nelson Mandela in April 2000 in Bedford), International Brigade Memorial (Jubilee Gardens, London), Trevor Huddleston (South Africa House, London), Frank Cousins (TGWU, London)


Richard Pankhurst is Professor of Ethiopian Studies at the University of Addis Adaba, Ethiopia. He has written widely about his mother Sylvia Pankhurst’s contribution as suffragette, an artist and an anti-fascist

Helen Pankhurst is a writer and activist

Margaret Prosser is a Labour peer

Brenda Dean is a Labour peer

Rodney Bickerstaffe is former GS of Unison

Chris Smith is a Labour peer

Maxine Peake is an actor


Founding sponsors

The National Assembly of Women campaigns for women’s equality in all spheres

The Southern & Eastern Region TUC covers one third of trade unionists in Britain

Socialist Women On Male Platforms (SWOMP) wants women to be seen and heard.

Contact us at: Sylvia Pankhurst Memorial Committee, SERTUC, Congress House, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS, UK

or email us.


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Last Revised: 7 July 2011