the statue...

Town and Country Planning Act 1990

"The City Council has considered your application and permits the development referred to below subject to the conditions set out and in accordance with the plans submitted."

No objection from an artistic point of view...

The proposal to erect a statue of Sylvia Pankhurst was raised with the Works of Art Committees in the House of Lords and the House of Commons before the summer recess. The Committees consulted raised no objection from an artistic point of view to the principle of a statue of Sylvia being raised on College Green, SW1

Now the application has been approved by the City of Westminster Council, the Committee we will be making a formal submission so that the Works of Art Committees may consider the request in greater detail...

Statue maquette agreed

Ian Walters' stunning design approved at sponsors' launch

Ian Walters' maquette of the statue to be erected to commemorate Sylvia Pankhurst's contribution was unveiled to applause at the Bread & Roses pub on Wednesday 24th May.

The launch was sponsored by the Workers Beer Company which owns the South London pub.

The statue, which will be lifesize and cast in bronze, shows Sylvia striding forward on a ground covered in placards and sticks.

The presenter and producer of a forthcoming BBC Radio 4 programme on Sylvia Pankhurst interviewed many of those present - the programme will be broadcast on Saturday 17th June.

Press should contact us by email for copies of photographs of the maquette

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