Sylvia Pankhurst and the Women’s International Matteotti Committee

The committee set up to celebrate the life and deeds of Italian MP Giacomo Matteotti is proud to announce the opening of this exhibition opening at the Charing Cross Library in London.

The Women’s International Matteotti Committee was a group of mostly British women led by Sylvia Pankhurst.

Matteotti was a staunch supporter of democracy and strongly opposed fascism prior to the establishment of Mussolini’s dictatorship.
Matteotti had ties with the labour movement in Britain and he visited London in April 1924 to rally support around the antifascist cause.

He would be later kidnapped and killed by fascists in June the same year.

The exhibition is curated by historian Alfio Bernabei. It Is one of the events promoted by the Matteotti London 2024 Committee, by the initiative of ANPI London & UK, INCA CGIL, Manifesto di Londra and Partito Democratico London